Frequently asked questions

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Can I order multiple books and send them to different locations?

At this time, we are unable to ship an order to different locations. To send to multiple addresses, you will need to create a new order, per address.


Why don’t you ship to my country?

We don’t ship to countries where we have sold the rights to other publishers. For example, in UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Penguin distributes Volume 1 of our book.

However, Volume 2 for all European and commonwealth territories in Africa and Asia can be purchased here on our website.

We also don’t ship to countries where - at the moment - we haven’t figured out an economical way to get books delivered safely and on time. There are just a few of them, and we’re working to lift such limitations soon.


How long does it take to receive the book?

Standard shipping takes 4-9 business days to receive a domestic shipment and 2-4 weeks to receive an international shipment. Rates and options for domestic shipments (within the US) can be found below:

USPS Media Mail - (4-9 Business Day) - FREE for orders over $25!!
Standard Shipping - First Class (4-7 Business Days)
Expedited - Super Fast (2-3 Business Days)


Can I add a gift message?

We have not implemented this feature, yet. However, you are able to use the format below (in the ship-to address field) to have a 'from name' added to both the shipping label and packing slip.

(Name) Lisa Alvarez
(Address 1) 1234 Greenway Court, Apt 3B
(Apt, suite, etc.) From: Ava & Tony
(City, State, Zip) Los Angeles, CA 90009
(Country) United States


Can I order wholesale?

You sure can! Simon & Schuster is our wholesale distributor in both the US & Canada. To place a new wholesale order, or for other questions regarding sales, please reach out to Simon & Schuster directly:

(US) 1-800-223-2336;

(Canada) 1-800-268-3216

ISBN numbers for each book title can be found here.


I have not received my order. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear you're experiencing a delay! Standard shipping/delivery takes 4-9 business days for domestic shipments and 2-4 weeks for international shipment. If it is past this time frame and you have not received your shipment or there are no updates on your tracking, please contact us via email for assistance:


What age group are your books for?

We recommend our Volume 1 and 2 books for rebels who are 4 to 101 years old! - Children ages 4 and up should be able to read our books with some assistance. Children ages 6-10 should be able to read the books by themselves.

Quite a few of our customers have purchased our books solely for themselves, as the stories are a great source of inspiration for anyone -- male or female -- child or adult : )

As for our Chapter Books, we recommend them for ages 7-10.


Is the book available in other languages?

Yes! Volume 1 of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls has been published in Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Norwegian, Portuguese, German, and over 20 other languages! Click here to find out where to buy Volume 1 in other languages.

Volume 2 for all European and commonwealth territories in Africa and Asia can be purchased on our UK website.

**We do not work directly on translations. We partner with local publishers to whom we sell translation rights (hence, sorry, but we are not currently looking for independent translators).


Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we do! For details on our return policy, please visit this page.


How can I get more information about rights and licensing?

For rights or licensing inquiries, please email:


Have a question that isn't listed here?

Please click here to contact our support team and we'll get back to you with an answer (generally within 24-48 hours).